Launched in 1994, l’Hydroptere is the first full hydrofoil trimaran of the modern era. Mainly designed and manufactured as an airplane, she was born with a 25 years advance on her time. As a true flying laboratory, many high level French companies contribute to her development.

After several years of reliability and evolutions, L’Hydroptère officially exceeds the 50 knots sailing threshold in 2009. She remains to this day the fastest ocean-going sailboat in the world.

She will be abandoned in 2015 in Hawaii following a record attempt Los Angeles-Honolulu.

At the end of June 2019, we acquire this legendary boat, with the strong intention to make her fly again at high speed.

Hydroptere training

Aout 2008 – L’Hydroptere Trainng off Port Saint Louiis dui Rhone